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Body fuel

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

There are instructions for pretty much everything that there is. Whether you are purchasing clothes, a printer, a car, a pet, or even a toothbrush, all of the items come with a list of instructions, warnings or care labels.

Or if you happen to have trouble deciphering the provided instructions, or would like to learn more about your item, you can be sure to find an endless list of YouTube videos on how to best utilise or look after the given item.

So what about us and our bodies? Are there any instructions that tell us how we can run on optimal physical, emotional and spiritual levels?

I recently watched a video on YouTube, the theme of which was something along the lines of "Can a car run on Coke?"

"Can a car run on Coke?"

A man decided to do an experiment and poured a bottle of Coca Cola into his car's fuel tank and then went for a drive. For some time, while the residual fuel was still running through the pipes, the car kept running just fine, making it appear that a car could indeed run on Coke. But after a few minutes the car began making some strange noises, then suddenly stopped.

So what lessons can we learn from this experiment?

Nr 1 - don't pour soft drink into your fuel tank - draining it out is a very expensive exercise.

Nr 2 - a car is a complex machine - but our bodies are all the more complex! They need the correct fuel to run at their optimal levels.

I'm not here to tell you what specific foods you should or shouldn't eat, or if there is a meal plan you should follow. There are plenty of resources dedicated to this topic, and all of our bodies are designed slightly differently and need a more individual plan. But some foods are definitely better for our bodies than others.

We are created in a complex and wonderful way. Our designer entrusted us with the job of looking after our bodies, but He also created an abundance of delicious tasting 'fuels' to keep our bodies nourished and healthy.

In today's 'rush, rush, rush' life, eating in a healthy way can seem like yet another chore. But it doesn't have to be like that. Making small changes, becoming more aware about what you are putting in your body, can make a significant long term difference. Learn about where your food comes from. What is in it and how was it made? Is the food you are about to eat made from fresh, natural ingredients, or has it gone through a multi-step processes in a factory, making it vaguely resemble anything that God created for food?

There are two simple phrases that I keep in mind when choosing 'fuel' for my body:

- Was this food made by a plant or in a plant (factory)?

- Can I make a better choice?

There is a popular saying "You are what you eat." It is very true indeed!

So how do you go about choosing your foods? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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