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Lessons in experiences

Some life experiences are positive and welcomed with open arms. Others leave us confused and lost for words. There are also those which seem common or insignificant. But every life experience has a lesson in it for us. These lessons might not always seem obvious and we may need to search a little deeper in order to discover them.

Leaving the shops the other day, my heavily overloaded, reusable shopping bag ripped, with more groceries than what my hands could carry spilling onto the path. Immediately two people jumped in to help me! A lady asked if she could help me carry my groceries to the car, while a man ran over to me, handing me a shopping basket to put my scattered groceries into.

This experience taught me what a big difference a stranger's act can make. It also reminded me of the importance of looking for opportunities to be that stranger.

When you entrust your life to its sustainer, you can face every life experience with confidence, knowing that all He does is fuelled by love and that the experiences are God's practical way of shaping your character into a reflection of His.

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matt 28:20

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