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Psalm 23: Blessed Beyond Belief

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

"The Lord is my shepherd" - what does that even mean?

David, a shepherd turn King, wrote a beautiful poem in which he uses the imagery of God caring for us like a shepherd cares for his sheep. We commonly refer to is as Psalm 23. The words of this psalm may be familiar to you and you may even be able to recite it.

When David wrote this psalm, he was using imagery that was familiar to him. But have you ever tried re-capturing the essence of David's poem using your own words?

I encourage you to contemplate the meaning of the words of this psalm as you write your own version of it. Claim the promises for yourself.

Here is my take on Psalm 23:

My God, the one who made me, looks after me.

He gives me all I need.

He knows what is best for me and where I need to go,

but He doesn't make me go there alone.

He leads me along the way of my life.

He provides a time and a place for me to a break from things.

He refreshes my soul.

The "I AM" does not deceive, but always leads in truth and love.

I do not have to fear the future.

Even though I will encounter tough times,

I will have the strength to get through them,

for You are always with me.

You lead the way and protect me.

What others think of me doesn't change your opinion of me.

You claim me as your child and treat me like royalty.

I am blessed beyond belief.

I am sure that you will continue loving and blessing me

every moment of my life.

And I will spend eternity with You.

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